City Board rejects a proposal to establish a transport services consulting company

Helsinki City Board rejected a proposal to establish a limited liability company for city transport services at its meeting of 7 January 2019. The establishment of the proposed company had been investigated by the City of Helsinki municipal enterprise Helsinki City Transport (HKL). 

The business activity of the proposed company, to be named Helsingin kaupunkiliikennepalvelut Oy, was to provide services and consulting related to public transport and other sustainable urban transport as a Helsinki City Group company. The company would also have provided services to other municipalities and partners implementing new public transport projects. 

Helsinki Deputy Mayor Pia Pakarinen (National Coalition Party) proposed that the matter endorsed by Councillor Wille Rydman (National Coalition Party) be rejected. Councillor Paavo Arhinmäki (Left Alliance) proposed that the matter, endorsed by Veronika Honkasalo (Left Alliance), be returned to preparation. 

The City Board voted on the matter rejecting the proposal. 

Budget appropriations to associations

The City Board granted at its meeting of 7 January 2019 a total of 849,200 euros in appropriations to 19 applicants. The biggest appropriations were granted to Helsingin yhteisjärjestö JHL ry, an association promoting and maintaining cooperation among member societies, and to Jyty Metropoli ry, an association representing the employees of Helsinki region public-sector organizations. The smallest appropriations were 3,000 euros. 

The City Board deviated from the original proposal for budget appropriations by granting an appropriation of 7,000 euros to Helsinki Cyclists (Helsingin Polkupyöräilijät ry); no appropriation to the association was included in the original proposal. 

The City Board grants appropriations to organizations that are not part of the operations of any City division. The criteria for granting appropriations are defined in more detail on the City Board meeting agenda (in Finnish only).  

Term of City Council chairs to comply with Council term

The City Board decided to propose an alteration to the City of Helsinki rules of governance to change the term of City Council chairs. If approved, the term of City Council chairs would commence in June instead of January. The commencement of the term of City Council chairs in January has been based on the practice in which municipal elections were held in the autumn and the new City Council term started at the beginning of January. Today municipal elections are held in the spring every four years and the City Council term starts in June following the elections. The decision on the alteration to City of Helsinki rules of governance will be made by the City Council. 

All Helsinki City Board decisions can be found here (in Finnish only).