City Board allocates funds to speed up employment of immigrants

The Helsinki City Board has allocated close to 1.5 million euros to efforts to improve the labour market conditions for immigrants. The funds are aimed at speeding up their employment. The funds are targeted at those immigrants in Helsinki whose integration process and labour market conditions can be improved with rapid, customized action. 

The programmes that the funds support include the following: a programme combining work trials, paid work and language training, the so-called TKP operation model, conducted by the City Executive Office’s Economic Development division; the strengthening of the rapid employment channel of The Skills Center (Stadin osaamiskeskus in Finnish) and cooperation with enterprises; and the continuation of the practices of International House Helsinki to provide immigrants with advisory services and services for dealings with the authorities. International House Helsinki has been in operation since December 2017. The funds allocated to programmes conducted by the City Executive Office total close to one million euros.

An appropriation of 377,100 euros granted to the City of Helsinki Education Division will make it possible for the division to continue the KOTIVA programme to provide Finnish and Swedish language instruction for parents caring for their children at home. Language instruction can be provided for 180 parents during the current year. The programme consists of 14 courses at various competency levels supported with child care. Child care is organized during the courses with the support of Helsinki public playgrounds and contracted organizations. The funds allocated to the Education Division total close to half a million euros.

Detailed information about the activities to be conducted with the funds can be found on the City Board meeting agenda (item 27).

Agreement on collaboration in urban studies with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University

The City Board has approved an agreement on collaboration in urban studies with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The term of the agreement is 2018–2023. The University of Helsinki will open an institute for urban studies during 2018, and this institute will collaborate with Aalto University’s multidisciplinary Living+ platform. Funding provided by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa will be channeled to the new urban studies institute, to be distributed by the University of Helsinki to its various faculties and to Aalto University.

One of the goals of the agreement on the funding of the urban studies collaboration and the activities of postdoc researchers is to maintain the high quality of urban studies and to support the studies’ societal impact.

The City of Helsinki will fund the activities of two researchers in 2018 and the activities of three researchers annually during 2019–2023. Espoo and Vantaa will each fund one researcher’s activities in 2018, and they will together fund three researchers’ activities annually during 2019–2023. The cities can define the themes of the research on their own. The total cost to the City of Helsinki caused by the agreement is 1,360,000 euros.