A woman and a man with facemasks.

Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa join with HSL and HUS to prepare for public transport mask recommendation

Infection rates associated with the coronavirus epidemic have started to rise again in Finland. The National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) has recommended that residents of hospital districts that have detected infections within the last two weeks begin wearing face masks to protect others. Proper use of masks on public transport can reduce the rate of infection and improve public safety. A public transport mask recommendation can prevent the necessity for stricter restrictions. The capital area cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have anticipated and prepared for the mask recommendation, together with the regional public transport provider, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).

"We consider it important to make train, bus, Metro and tram trips as safe as possible. Our cities have anticipated and prepared for the mask recommendation, and we have taken the necessary steps to implement the recommendation on the metropolitan area’s public transport network," said Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori, Vantaa Mayor Ritva Viljanen, Espoo Mayor Jukka Mäkelä, HUS CEO Juha Tuominen and HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

THL announced a mask recommendation for all hospital districts in Finland where coronavirus infections have been detected within the last two weeks. The national health agency recommends that people wear masks in all situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact with others, in particular when using public transportation.

"The mask recommendation is an important addition to a range of means being used to prevent infections and safeguard the continued availability of healthcare services," said the CEO of the HUS hospital network Juha Tuominen.

More information on HSL activities and public transport in the capital area will be announced in the coming days.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori
Mayor of Espoo Jukka Mäkelä
Mayor of Vantaa Ritva Viljanen
HUS CEO Juha Tuominen
HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi

Photo: Lauri Eriksson / HSL