Photo: MyGamez Ltd., China Game Day

China Game Day brings Chinese gaming industry players to Helsinki

MyGamez Ltd., a company that publishes Western mobile games in China, will help realise the China Game Day event on 20–21 May in Helsinki that will be attended by a number of renowned speakers from China. The two-day event that will take place at the Helsinki City Hall is organised in conjunction with International Mobile Gaming Awards China and NewCo Helsinki, i.e. the City of Helsinki business advisory and growth services. Other partners are, among others, MyGamez Ltd., Epicenter Helsinki and the Chinese tech company Tencent.

The event is aimed at Finnish and European game studios that are interested in publishing their games in China. China Game Day is free of charge and open to everybody, but prior registration is required.

China is the world’s largest market for games and is according to some estimates responsible for more than a quarter of the global gaming industry revenue. China is also a very challenging market and just a few foreign gaming companies have been successful in China.

“We want to offer Finnish gaming companies first-hand information about the market and an opportunity to network with the leading players of the Chinese gaming industry ecosystem. In this way, we may on our part help further the growth opportunities for the Finnish gaming industry”, asserts MyGamez CEO Mikael Leinonen.

“Last year was very exceptional for the Chinese gaming industry, because amid regulatory turmoil new games were not granted authority approvals as required by law. Now the market is again opening up and hence this event is very timely”, Leinonen sums up.

“We wish to further add to the recognition of Helsinki as a gaming industry hub and offer the local companies the best possible operating conditions. To Asian gaming industry companies and investors, our strong international gaming industry opens up an excellent European cluster”, says head of unit Tommo Koivusalo at NewCo Helsinki.

The keynote speakers at the event represent the leading Chinese mobile games vendors Tencent, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, whose combined user communities are equivalent to the lion’s share of China’s more than 550 million mobile gamers. In addition to distribution channel representatives, Chinese game developers, publishers and service providers as well as people representing Western gaming studios that have already made it in China will speak at the event. Gaming studios will have an opportunity to network with the speakers and other participants during the event.


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