Bertel Jung–designed school building to be renovated

The Helsinki City Council has approved a project plan to renovate the Kallio Comprehensive School building. The estimated cost of the renovation is 20 million euros. The school building, designed by architect Bertel Jung, was Finland’s largest elementary school at the time of completion in 1910. Today the school has grades 1–6. 

The Kallio school building needs extensive renovation. The spaces will be rebuilt to comply with contemporary learning standards. The school’s kitchen and student toilets will also be renovated to meet current standards. The acoustics, accessibility and fire safety of the school premises will be improved, and some of the building technology and the ventilation system will be replaced. The building energy efficiency will be improved. The metal roofing, windows and basement facilities will be repaired.  

The building last underwent an extensive renovation 50 years ago in 1969. Over the decades since, the building has been upgraded several times to meet the needs of schoolwork and new technical requirements. The building is protected and carries significant architectural and historical values.

The renovation is scheduled to begin in June 2021 and to be completed in November 2022. The school will operate in temporary premises throughout the project. The school now has about 450 students. The plan for the temporary premises will be finalized as renovation plans proceed.

Sokos department store can expand under adjoining square 

The City Council has approved an alteration to the detailed plan for the street area at Asema-aukio 2 above level -11.0. The alteration enables the Sokos property to expand underground on two levels between the Asema-aukio square at the Railway Station and the street of Kaivokatu. The alteration enables changes to the existing underground pedestrian passage. 

The City wants to protect the area’s architecturally and historically valuable city space while upgrading the standards, safety and general appeal of the public areas. The goal is to connect the possible future underground exit of the proposed Helsinki City Rail Loop with underground passages and commercial spaces as well as to allow for joint operations for all spaces.  

The total floor area of underground commercial space will grow by 2,600 square metres and that of underground passages by 710 square metres. Local service and maintenance traffic will be conducted underground. 

The City Council made the decisions at its meeting of 27 February 2019, as well as considering a number of initiatives made by councillors. The meeting, in addition to all other City Council meetings and other Helsinki events, is available on demand on the Helsinki web channel at also publishes the voting maps of City Council meetings, while meeting agendas are available here. All materials are in Finnish.