City Council of Helsinki in a meeting. Photo: Pertti Nisonen.

National Coalition Party and Greens win elections, Jan Vapaavuori to be Mayor

Information on the results of the municipal elections is published on the Elections website. 

The centre-right National Coalition Party of Finland (Kokoomus) strengthened its position as Helsinki’s biggest party in the municipal elections held last Sunday. The National Coalition Party was the winner of the elections with 28.4 per cent of the total vote, up by 1.5 per cent from the previous elections held in 2012. This means that the City Council will elect Jan Vapaavuori as the new Mayor of Helsinki in June. Mr Vapaavuori was the landslide personal winner of the elections with nearly 30,000 votes.

The Green League also strengthened its position with 24.1 per cent of the total vote, up by 1.8 per cent. The Left Alliance (up by 1.0 per cent) and the Christian Democrats of Finland (up by 0.6 per cent) also increased their shares of the total vote.

New political groups on the City Council are the Feminist Party and the Pirate Party. Both parties won one seat on the City Council.

The biggest losers of the elections in Helsinki were the Social Democratic Party of Finland with 13.8 per cent of the vote (down by 3.0 per cent) and the Finns Party with 6.7 per cent of the vote (down by 2.7 per cent). The Communist Party of Finland lost its only seat on the City Council.

The Helsinki City Council has 85 seats. The seats are distributed as follows on the new City Council:

  • National Coalition Party 25
  • Green League 21
  • Social Democratic Party of Finland 12
  • Left Alliance 10
  • Finns Party 6
  • Swedish People’s Party of Finland 5
  • Centre Party 2
  • Christian Democrats of Finland 2
  • Feminist Party 1
  • Pirate Party 1

Voter turnout was markedly higher in Helsinki than in the 2012 municipal elections with 61.6 per cent of eligible voters. The new City Council starts its term at the beginning of June.

Municipal elections are held every fourth year

Municipal elections are held to elect the councillors of the municipalities. Helsinki City Council has 85 permanent members.

How to vote in the municipial elections

By voting in municipal elections you can influence the decisions on issues that affect your daily life such as health care, youth facilities, child day care, libraries, school meals, local traffic and elderly care.

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