Children at a science workshop. Photo: Aalto University

Aalto University brings science and arts workshops to Oodi

During 2020, Aalto University arranges exhibitions, workshops and events that are open to everyone at central library Oodi. The first events are arranged during the winter break, when Aalto University Junior brings multidisciplinary science and arts workshops to Oodi.

The workshops are arranged from Wednesday to Friday between 12 noon and 4 p.m. No prior knowledge or registrations are required.

Aalto University Junior’s workshops are an indication of the intensifying strategic partnership between the city of Helsinki and the Aalto University.

“Helsinki has several joint research and development projects and platforms with Aalto University, through which we create an even more functional and sustainable city. The winter break workshops that combine arts, science, technology and economy are aimed especially at children, young people and teachers, but other curious and adventurous people are welcome to participate”, encourages Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

“Together with Helsinki, we are making the metropolitan area even more attracting. The intensified collaboration has brought about Aalto Junior's workshops during the winter break, that is family events open to everyone at Oodi. The weather may not be suitable for skiing, but there will be lots of interesting things to do, as Aalto Junior inspires children and young people to arts, science, economy and technology. I bid all families a warm welcome to Aalto Junior's workshops”, says Aalto University President Ilkka Niemelä.

Further info and schedules for Aalto University Junior's workshops at Oodi

Photo: Aalto University