17 new permanent positions in Social Services and Health Care

The Helsinki City Board made a decision at its meeting of 4 November 2019 to establish new permanent positions in the Social Services and Health Care Division as of 1 January 2020. The unit for work ability assessment in the division’s Family and Social Services Department will establish permanent positions for a senior social worker, nine social workers and a social advisor for disability social work.

In addition, six new permanent positions for customer advisors will be established in the HelppiSeniori customer advisory unit in the Hospital, Rehabilitation and Care Services Department of the division. Some of the new permanent positions to be established will replace responsibilities carried out earlier in employment relationships.

Project to build an ice hall at Pirkkola Sports Park proceeds to decision-making by City Council

The City Board approved the project plan for a new ice hall building to be built in Pirkkola Sports Park, with the maximum of 8,236 square metres of total floor space and with the maximum cost of 19,400,000 euros. The final decision on the project will be made by the City Council.

The new ice hall will replace two demolished Pirkkola Sports Park ice halls. The old ice halls were declared unsafe and prohibited for use in the spring of 2018 because of poor indoor air conditions. The construction of the new ice hall is scheduled to begin in 2020.

New land lease agreement to enable an air-supported structure built on the Vallilanlaakso field

The City Board decided to change the land lease agreement signed earlier with Kumpulan Nurmikenttä Oy, enabling the placement of an air-supported structure at a leased site on the Vallilanlaakso field for the duration of the winter seasons until the end of 2024.

The floor space of the air-supported structure will be 2,816 square metres, and it will be erected for six months in each winter.

All City Board decisions are posted online on the decisions page (in Finnish).