Welcome to the summer meals at playgrounds!

Here’s what to do when having a playground meal  


Between 1 June and 7 August 2020, Helsinki will provide a free warm lunch to all children under 16 years old at 32 playgrounds. The lunch is served every weekday at 12 noon. You don’t need to sign up for the summer lunch. You can find the playgrounds that offer lunch on the map.


The playground instructors will provide guidance for enjoying the meal safely.  


Please bring a water bottle and a spoon/fork from home. The food is served on disposable plates to ensure good hygiene and cleanliness. The playgrounds will provide the disposable plates. Only the meal distributors and the child/guardian will handle each child’s plate. 


There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available in the playgrounds, but it is important that children also wash their hands before coming to the playground. Guardians should look after their child’s hand hygiene. The toilets in the playgrounds will be open. On the busiest days, the queues to the toilets may be long. If you wish, you can bring a water bottle and soap from home for washing hands. 


The menus and ingredient lists are available on the website of the City of Helsinki Service Centre.


There will be signs by the playground gates and yards with information on how follow the hygiene instructions. 


Dining areas in the playgrounds: 

  • The playground instructors will direct the meal participants to the dining areas in small groups, with safe distances between everyone. 
  • Summer lunch will be distributed at 1–4 points in each playground. 


Distributing the summer lunch:  

  • The instructors will call each group in turn to pick up the lunch. Keep a safe distance to others at the food distribution points. The safe distances will be marked in the area. 
  • Everyone will use hand sanitiser when arriving at the distribution points. 
  • The instructors will portion the food onto a disposable plate. Take the plate from the table and go to your place to enjoy the meal.  


At the end of the lunch: 

  • Take your disposable plate and other trash to a waste collection point.  
  • There is hand sanitiser available and to be used at the waste collection points. 


Hygiene and safety: 

  •  Only come to the playground when you are feeling well.  
  • Use the hand sanitiser by the food distribution and waste collection points.  
  • Keep a safe distance to others and follow the instructors’ guidance at the playgrounds and when picking up a meal. 
  • Take care of good hand hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing. 
  • The indoor facilities of the playgrounds include toilets, which can be used while paying attention to the instructions, safe distances and hygiene. 


We are all responsible for good hygiene and cleanliness in the playgrounds. Please talk to the playground staff if you have any questions. You will be able to recognise them from the orange vests and T-shirts. The staff will provide more information on the hygiene and safety instructions.   

Day camps in playgrounds

We will announce the day camps at playgrounds on the playgrounds’ summer activity website (hel.fi/leikkipuistojen-kesa). The ‘Let’s play at the playground today’ programme series will be announced on the Helsinki Channel (www.helsinkikanava.fi) and the Facebook pages of playgrounds. The enrolment for schoolchildren’s day camps starts on the summer activity website on 27 May at 8 am.

During the summer, the playgrounds will not have supervised activities for families with small children (under open early childhood education), or public events or festivities. The playgrounds’ outdoor premises and fixed equipment will be available to families.



Additional information

Hannele Oja, senior playground instructor,
hannele.oja@hel.fi, tel. 050 4354406

Tiina Mesiniemi, senior playground instructor, tiina.mesiniemi@hel.fi, tel. 050 4354417

Sirpa Jalovaara, food services specialist, sirpa.jalovaara@hel.fi, tel. 050 4354417

Tiina Rapo, planning officer (sanitation), tiina.rapo@hel.fi, tel. 040 1285029

Hanna Linna, head of playground and after-school activities, hanna.linna@hel.fi, tel. 050 5680661