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Suutarinkylä comprehensive school grades 7–9 to transition into exceptional teaching arrangements

Based on the Basic Education Act, after having consulted with the school’s principal and heard the statement by the Social Services and Health Care Division’s epidemiological operations unit, Deputy Head of the Education Division Satu Järvenkallas decided that the grades 7–9 in the comprehensive school Suutarinkylä peruskoulu will transition into exceptional teaching arrangements.

The exceptional teaching arrangements will take place 1–5 March 2021.

There have been 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and several exposures among the pupils and school staff in the lower secondary school of Suutarinkylän peruskoulu. In total, Suutarinkylän peruskoulu has 625 pupils, of which 330 will go to distance learning.

The decision to transition into distance learning will ensure that teaching can continue safely. The municipal schools in Helsinki have been testing the digital learning environments and made preparations for the possible transition to distance learning. The school will provide parents and guardians with more detailed instructions on Wilma.

Pupils in other grades as well as special-needs education and preparatory education in grades 7–9 will continue in contact teaching.