The school year will end on 5 June – congratulations to graduates

The exceptional school year 2020–2021 with its COVID-19 restrictions will soon be over. The annual end of year celebration means that summer is finally here for pupils, students, guardians and teaching staff. End of year celebrations are held on Saturday 5 June 2021 at Helsinki-based Finnish- and Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools. New graduates from upper secondary schools will also be celebrated on 5 June 2021. The common graduation ceremony of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute will be arranged on 4 June 2021.

A total of 1,737 new graduates will graduate from the upper secondary schools of Helsinki this spring. It is possible to graduate from Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute at any time. There are about 1,800 new graduates this spring.

End of year celebrations in groups

The City of Helsinki is complying with the recommendations of the metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group concerning public events and private events in the organisation of end of year celebrations.

Although the situation has recently become slightly better in Helsinki, end of year celebrations are arranged in the pupils’ and students’ own groups/classes due to health-related reasons. Pupils and students will be involved in the celebrations where possible. Pupils and students subject to exceptional teaching arrangements or in quarantine will be able to participate in the end of year celebrations remotely, and their school reports will be sent to their homes by post.

Guardians and other people close to the pupils and students can participate in school- or institution-specific festivities remotely.

Congratulations to new upper secondary school graduates and those who have completed a vocational qualification

The results of this spring’s matriculation examinations are available. The upper secondary schools of the City of Helsinki will announce the names of new graduates on their sites. Only information of new graduates who have not prohibited the publishing of their name will be published.

“The upper secondary school graduates of this spring have demonstrated their resilience and skills in a challenging environment. All of them have earned huge praise for their work, although common graduation ceremonies cannot be held due to the current situation with the pandemic,” say the Heads of Upper Secondary Education Harri Korhonen and Moa Thors.

The graduation ceremonies of upper secondary schools will be organised for final-year students at schools. Unfortunately, guests cannot be admitted to the ceremonies, but live streams of the events will be available. The common graduation ceremony of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute will also be arranged virtually. The link to the graduation ceremony will be published before the ceremony on the Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute website and social media channels.

Recommendations concerning private events should be complied with when arranging graduation ceremonies this spring and summer at home or in other private facilities, and they should be arranged outdoors whenever possible. There is still some time before the ceremonies and it is advisable to keep an eye on any possible updates to the official guidelines.

New school year to begin in August

School will start again after summer in the Finnish-speaking comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools of the City on Wednesday 11 August. Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools will begin their school year on Monday 16 August. The autumn term of the Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults will begin on 30 August.

The studies of new Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute students selected in the joint application procedure and the continuous application process in May will primarily begin on 4 August 2021. The studies of students resuming their studies will advance according to their respective personal competence development plans.