Photo: Paavo Jantunen

Playground and daycare clubs closed for April

Due to staff shortages, staff from club activities and playgrounds have been moved to statutory early childhood education activities.

Playground and daycare clubs will be closed for the period 6–30 April 2021.

Playground activities for schoolchildren will go ahead. Any closures of activities for schoolchildren will be announced on a playground-specific basis.

The playgrounds’ outdoor premises and fixed equipment will still be available to families.

Please only visit playgrounds if you are healthy, and make sure to follow the playgrounds’ safety and hygiene guidance. Please take into account safe distances from others when choosing where to play.

Indoor facilities at playgrounds will remain closed for all activities other than groups run for schoolchildren.

Open early childhood education activities for young children at playgrounds and in family houses will remain closed.

The intention is for the club activities closed in April to be restarted in May.

You can check playground announcements online at