Playground activities now available on Helsinki-kanava

Helsinki’s playgrounds are organising play and activity sessions for infants, toddlers, families with children and schoolchildren via online channels. The ‘Let’s play in the playground today’ programme series features activities such as Kukkuluuruu (peekaboo) singing and play session for families with infants. For older children, the programmes also include singing, physical activity and play under the direction of the Heppatiitiäiset orchestra. Come and enjoy the play and activities!

Helsinki-kanava ( is publishing ‘Let’s play in the playground today,’ a new programme series by Helsinki’s playgrounds. The series’ videos on Helsinki-kanava feature various types of play and activity sessions requested by families, which are recorded at playgrounds and family houses. New videos are published on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Playgrounds and family houses also publish weekly activity sessions for families and schoolchildren at home on their websites and Facebook pages. The play, handicrafts and physical activities usually enjoyed at playgrounds can now continue at home. Material is also published in Swedish, English, Arabic, Russian and Somali.

“Right since the beginning of the state of emergency, we started receiving requests from clients that we record and publish instructed activity sessions via electronic channels. It has been great to organise playgrounds activities for families at home and thus offer them fun things to do together. It is important for families with children to maintain their daily rhythm and participate in familiar activities during the state of emergency as well,” says Head of Playground and After-school Activities Hanna Linna.

The idea of the new Vetovoimainen leikkipuisto (’Appealing Playground’) project is to increases the recognisability and accessibility of playgrounds. Playgrounds are the meeting places of a diverse Helsinki, the hearts of city districts – which can now be reached via Helsinki-kanava as well.

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Further information:

Hanna Linna, head of playground and after-school activities, tel. 050 5680661
Hannele Oja, senior playground instructor, tel. 0504354406