Porridges served at Helsinki day care centres are made with organic rolled cereals.

Organic foods and milk at Helsinki day care centres

The City of Helsinki day care centres serve children with a new selection of organic foods. The most visible item on the menu is non-fat organic milk fortified with vitamin D, which is served with all meals at every day care centre. Another new item on the six-week basic menu is organic fruit served twice as a dessert. 

Some organic ingredients used earlier remain on the list: all organic rolled cereals, organic barley grains, organic yoghurt, organic buttermilk and organic tofu. Items discarded from the list comprise organic macaroni and other pasta, organic breads, organic flour used for baking, the organic “viili” fermented milk product and organic peas. Organic breads will in the future be replaced with a more varied selection of breads.  

The changes in the selection of organic foods were made on the basis of customer feedback, and they were planned together with the City of Helsinki Education Division. 

The City of Helsinki day care centres that are catered for by Service Centre have served children organic foods since 2012. The percentage of organic foods served at day care centres went up markedly with the new selection of organic foods. The reform raised Helsinki day care centres to the fourth step of the Steps to Organic programme, which helps professional kitchens to shift to organic foods. This six-step programme supports professional kitchens in making sustainable choices. 

The new selection of organic foods at Helsinki day care centres was launched in the week of 6 August 2018. 

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