Kannelmäki Comprehensive School implementing exceptional teaching arrangements

On Monday 7 September 2020, Kannelmäki Comprehensive School will implement exceptional teaching arrangements, with some of the school’s pupils switching to distance learning. The majority of pupils will continue to participate in contact teaching. The Executive Director of the Education Division made the decision to implement exceptional teaching arrangements at Kannelmäki Comprehensive School based on the Basic Education Act for the period of 7–11 September 2020.

Some of the 5–9th grade pupils of Kannelmäki Comprehensive School will take turns participating in contact teaching and distance learning during calendar week 37. There have been COVID-19 infections at the school, with a total of 118 pupils and 21 members of staff having been exposed to the virus. “The situation was assessed with the Social Services and Health Care Division’s epidemiological operations unit and the school principal, and the conclusion was that implementing exceptional teaching arrangements and switching to distance learning is necessary for ensuring teaching safety,” states Executive Director of the Education Division Liisa Pohjolainen.

Schools in Helsinki have been reviewing the use of various digital learning environments and making preparations for the potential switch to distance learning at the start of the autumn term. “Kannelmäki is well-prepared for these arrangements. The exceptional arrangements are being implemented at Kannelmäki Comprehensive School’s premises located at Runonlaulajantie 40,” Pohjolainen states.

Kannelmäki Comprehensive School’s 1st–4th grade pupils, special support pupils, preparatory education pupils and the majority of 5–9th grade pupils will continue to participate in contact teaching. Pupils participating in distance learning will be provided with lunch at the school based on a staggered schedule.

The school will provide guardians with class-specific instructions via Wilma.