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Helsinki public playgrounds: 75 summers of free meals for children

The public playgrounds of Helsinki celebrate an anniversary on Helsinki Day, 12 June: they have been serving hot summer meals to children for 75 years! The playgrounds mark the day by serving their young customers clear rainbow trout soup with rye bread. They also offer diverse activities to celebrate the anniversary.  

Playground meals in summer 2017

All open public playgrounds in Helsinki offer a lunch service until 4 August. Lunch is served at 12 noon on every weekday. Playground lunches are full daytime meals for children and young people when complemented with snacks and drinks brought from home. The lunches are free of charge to all playground customers under age 16.

Public playground meals are provided by Service Centre Helsinki.

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Public playground summer lunch menus, in Finnish: (select “Leikkipuistojen kesälista”)

Lunch menus for the whole summer season 5 June–4 August, in Finnish