Fun for schoolchildren in the autumn – the application period for afternoon activities starts on 22 March

The time has come to apply for schoolchildren’s afternoon activities. The afternoon activities are available for 1st and 2nd grade pupils and special needs pupils in higher grades. The City implements the activities together with organisations, parishes and private service providers. The application period for afternoon activities in the school year of 2021–2022 is from 22 March to 23 April 2021.

The activities will be provided in close co-operation between the school and guardians. This will help with forming afternoon activity groups and placing children in the groups. Special attention will be paid to promoting the participation of children with special support needs and children with different cultural backgrounds. The goal is to make every child’s day balanced and harmonious. The activities will be provided at schools and other facilities that are suitable for the activities and located near the schools.

The activities will feature a diverse range of instructed and free-format activities. The activities will be brainstormed, planned and organised together with the children. Outdoor activities and exercise, as well as a nutritious snack, will be a part of the daily programme.

The client fees for the school year of 2021–2022 are €100 per month (activities ending at 16.00) and €120 per month (activities ending at 17.00). Guardians can apply for a fee concession.

The activities will begin on the first school day in the autumn term in August, and they will be organised in accordance with the school’s work and holiday times.

The afternoon activity locations and application instructions can be found at

The afternoon activities for schoolchildren comply with the Basic Education Act. They are based on the National Core Curriculum for Morning and Afternoon Activities in Basic Education of the Finnish National Agency for Education and the City of Helsinki’s Action Plan for After-school Activities.

Playgrounds will organise activities as usual

Everyone is welcome to come to a playground. At the playgrounds of Helsinki, children have an opportunity to take part in instructed play, exercise, games and outdoor activities, or meet with friends and relax. The instructed activities are different every day, organised both indoors and outdoors.

The registration period for free-of-charge playground activities for school-aged children in autumn 2021 begins on 22 March 2021. The registration will be open for the entire duration of the activity period. Children can register for a snack subject to a fee of €36.10/month at the playground, or bring their own snacks. Guardians can apply for an exemption from the snack fee.

Children can take part in the activities on a daily or irregular basis. The guardian must notify the playground of the child’s absences, the time at which the child will leave and whether the child will go home independently. If the child does not come to the playground as agreed or leaves during the activity time without notifying the staff, we will notify the guardian. At the playground, the instructors ensure the safety of the children and the activity environment. 

The daily activities begin after the child has completed their schoolwork and end at 16.00 or 16.30.  The playgrounds can be found at More information about registering for playground activities for schoolchildren can be found at

Playgrounds Etupelto, Ida, Kotinummi, Puuskakulma, Tervapääsky, Vallila ja Vähätupa organise afternoon activities based on the Basic Education Act only. For more infromation on applying to the activities of these playgroungs, navigate to

The playground activities for schoolchildren are organised as open early childhood education and care in accordance with the City of Helsinki’s curriculum for early childhood education and care.