Facilitating future access to early childhood education

Helsinki to invest in the development of proactive services and in the utilisation of data and artificial intelligence. This autumn, for example, the Asti service was introduced in Helsinki for applying for early childhood education. Now, the Asti project is also planning a new service for families with children, where the intention is to proactively approach families with children in Helsinki about applying for early childhood education. Families will be provided with information on early childhood education at an early stage and different service needs will be identified and a suitable place will be proposed automatically at the right time and in the right place. Additional goal is to ensure that families receive information on their child’s early childhood education place at an earlier stage.

The process of applying for early childhood education will be made simpler and easier than it currently is. The benefits of the new service include improved and more effective accessibility of the early childhood education service and service guidance as well as more successful implementation of the local service principle.

During the project pilot to be launched in November, families with babies will be given information on early childhood education and invited to fill in an anonymous preliminary survey. The invitation to the survey will be distributed through daycare centres, playgrounds, family centres, child health clinics and social media to guardians of babies as well as to guardians of older children who do not yet attend early childhood education and for whom an early childhood education application has not yet been submitted. The information obtained from the preliminary survey will be used when planning proactive provision of early childhood education places and future early childhood education services.

Please respond to the
survey from 15 November to 15 December 2021