Early childhood education and care webpages to be renewed – Take the survey and have your voice heard!

The City of Helsinki is renewing the hel.fi website and is currently updating the sections on early childhood education and care. As we do this work, we want to take the perspectives of city residents into account in terms of families’ needs and wishes for the new pages.

The survey asks about aspects that are important to guardians when searching for information about early education and care options and about applying for a daycare place or changing daycare provider, amongst other things. In other words, we would like to know where and how you would like to receive this information and what sort of challenges may be involved.

We kindly request that you respond to the survey by 15 August 2021

Completing the survey takes about 5 minutes. You can take the survey in Finnish, Swedish or English. Choose the language you prefer via the links below. 

Link to the survey (EN) 

Linkki kyselyyn (FI) 

Länk till enkäten (SV)

The survey is data secure and does not ask respondents to provide any personal information. 

The City of Helsinki has commissioned Digitalist Finland to carry out the survey.