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Daycare centres and early childhood education units that are open during the labour strike

The labour strike in the municipal sector that will take place 3–9 May will have wide-ranging effects on services provided by the City of Helsinki.

Most of the city’s early childhood education services will be suspended, but some daycare centres will be able to remain open during the strike. Finnish-language and Swedish-language daycare centres that were open on Tuesday are listed below, 101 daycare centres altogether.

The aim is to keep these daycare centres open during the labour strike. However, changes are possible.

Finnish-language daycare centres that were open on 3 May:

Daycare Kaisaniemi
Daycare Laivuri
Daycare Troolari
Daycare Kivelä
Daycare Pikkutylli
Daycare Meri
Daycare Meripirtti
Daycare Jaala
Daycare Aada
Daycare Haaga
Group Family Daycare Pirtti
Daycare Kanerva
Daycare Kangaspelto
Group Family Daycare Kaarela
Daycare Kannelmäki
Daycare Vanhainen
Daycare Kolkka
Daycare Kuninkaantammi
Daycare Lapinmäki
Daycare Lassi
Daycare Lasten Kartano
Daycare Mestari
Daycare Purje
Daycare Floora
Daycare Kalasatama
Daycare Lehdokki
Daycare Koskela
Daycare Tammi
Daycare Havukka
Daycare Korento
Daycare Vallesmanni
Daycare Valkea
Daycare Perhonen
Daycare Maunula
Daycare Norppa
Daycare Pikkusuo
Daycare Impivaara
Daycare Saniainen
Daycare Jäkälä
Daycare Tapanila
Daycare Kissankello
Daycare Pehtoori
Daycare Pihlajamäki
Daycare Louhikko
Daycare Marmori
Daycare Marmori unit: group Rapakivi
Daycare Satakieli
Daycare Tähkä
Daycare Himmeli
Daycare Minttu
Daycare Nurkka
Group Family Daycare Karpalo
Group Family Daycare Omppu
Group Family Daycare Kultahippu
Group Family Daycare Taimi
Group Family Daycare Sirkka
Daycare Herttoniemi
Daycare Tuorinniemi
Daycare Yliskylä
Daycare Kajuutta
Daycare Kallahti
Daycare Kukkaniitty
Daycare Kurkimoisio
Daycare Puotila
Daycare Laakavuori
Daycare Ruuti
Daycare Kivilinna
Daycare Kurki
Daycare Pihapirtti
Daycare Liinakko
Daycare Neulanen
Daycare Saana

Swedish-language daycare centres that were open on 3 May:

Daycare Fredriksberg
Åshöjdens förskola (pre-primary education)
Daycare Sesam
Sesams förskola (pre-primary education)
Daycare Ågeli
Daycare Apollo
Minerva förskola (pre-primary education)
Daycare Axel
Cygnaeus förskola (pre-primary education)
Group Family Daycare Säven
Daycare Fylgia-Solhem
Daycare Kvarnberget: group Viggen
Daycare Pärlan
Daycare Drumsö
Daycare Tärnan
Daycare Bertha-Maria hemmet
Toppans förskola: group Toini små (pre-primary education)
Daycare Elka
Daycare Lasse-Maja
Botby förskola (pre-primary education)
Daycare Blomängen
Daycare Domus
Domus förskola (pre-primary education)
Daycare Killingen
Group Family Daycare Björken
Group Family Daycare Stjärnan
Daycare Strandboden
Daycare Pilten
Piltens förskola (pre-primary education)

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