Children in early childhood education and care after a trip abroad

The current recommendation is that everyone arriving in Finland from abroad should self-quarantine for 14 days. In self-quarantine, movement is limited to movement between the person’s workplace and place of residence and other essential engagements.


If a child cannot be cared for at home for 14 days after arriving in Finland from abroad due to their guardians having to work, for example, the child’s attendance at early childhood education and care is considered an essential engagement in the same manner as their guardian’s work. The child’s other essential engagements (such as appointments at the maternity and child health clinic or with a doctor) can also be taken care of.


Unnecessary close contact and movement outside of the home should be avoided in self-quarantine. For example, visits to playgrounds after daycare should be avoided.


If the child develops even mild symptoms indicative of the coronavirus within 14 days of returning from their trip, the child must stay at home and further instructions should be sought via digital social services and health care guidance services or by contacting health care services for a coronavirus test. 


The City of Helsinki adheres to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s instructions.