Water charges to increase moderately, waste sorting reduces properties’ waste collection fees

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY encourages the residents of the region to sort their waste with pricing policies and practices. Fees to properties for waste sorted for recycling will be reduced. Increases in water charges help to ensure HSY’s future investments. The HSY Board of Directors approved new price lists for domestic water and waste management at its meeting of 11 October 2019. The new price lists will be applied from the 1st of January 2020 onwards.

Water usage and monthly charges will increase by 1.1 percent on average. The wastewater charge will remain unchanged at 1.75 euros per cubic metre. 

Fees for the collection of recyclable waste from properties, such as biowaste and plastic packaging materials, will be reduced, as HSY wants to encourage Helsinki region residents to sort and to recycle their waste. Fees for the emptying of waste containers will go down by the following average amounts: 

  • Biowaste –3.8%
  • Cardboard packaging materials –0.11%
  • Plastic packaging materials –12.8% 

Waste container emptying fees for small metal items and glass will remain unchanged. Emptying fees for unsorted waste – that is, containers for mixed waste – will increase by 4.7 percent on average. 

According to waste management regulations, biowaste, plastic, glass and cardboard packaging materials, and small metal items will be collected separately from properties with no less than five housing units from 2021 onwards. Properties can already place orders with HSY for containers for the sorting of waste fractions at their property. 

HSY’s Sortti waste stations will begin to receive plastic and textiles, which are entered as new waste fractions in the price lists. Prices for some waste fractions, including combustible unsorted waste, stone materials and wood, will be increased to meet cost increases. Charges will be introduced for pressure-treated wood, which has been received free of charge, because of risen transport and handling costs. 

Many household wastes, such as hazardous waste, electrical appliances and metals, can be delivered to Sortti Stations free of charge. 

Pricing policies and practices seek to encourage residents to sort their waste. 

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