Vendors welcomed to St. Thomas Christmas Market

Helsinki’s traditional St. Thomas Christmas Market will be held at the Senate Square from 4–22 December this year. The market was renewed in many ways last year. On offer were glögi mulled wine, Christmas delicacies and other foods among a wide variety of gift items. The market was a place to meet friends and family. Many visitors came more than once, and the market was especially popular with families.

Search for vendors

St. Thomas Christmas Market is now looking for vendors eager to create the Christmas spirit. Applications are accepted to the end of August. The electronic application form can be found on the website of the Tori Quarters, the organizer of the market. Applications can be submitted either electronically or by mail.

The Christmas spirit can be enjoyed at the Senate Square longer than before this year, as the market hours have been extended on request by visitors, and the market will be 2.5 weeks long. The market’s cafes and restaurants will stay open to 22 (10 p.m.) on Fridays and Saturdays.

The vending booths were rearranged last year, and their colouring was changed to match the surrounding buildings. The lighting at the square was adjusted to suit the holiday atmosphere, and the market was livened up by various happenings. The 2014 market attracted 200,000 visitors, and a carousel at the centre of the event grounds entertained 36,000 of them.

St. Thomas Christmas Market at Senate Square

4–22 December

Open 11–20 daily, cafes and restaurants to 22 on Fridays and Saturdays

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