The construction of Urhea Campus is now underway at the Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, which has a special focus on sports.

Urhea Campus in Vallila is now under construction

The construction of Urhea Campus is now underway at the Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, which has a special focus on sports. The campus will consist of a multiple sports training hall, a new apartment building to house students and the school building, which will be renovated and expanded. An expansion is proposed for the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre located at the campus.

The new campus will give Mäkelänrinne students better conditions, as they will be able to train, study, have their meals and live in one place. Sports training will be supported with healthcare services, coaching and research. The Upper Secondary School expansion, the sports hall and Hoas student housing will be linked with indoor connections.

Sports hall with good training facilities for competitive and recreational sports

The multiple sports hall will give 14,000 square metres of new training facilities to the Urhea Academy’s athletes and to local sports clubs. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Sports Academy Urhea has close to 5,000 member athletes.

The Urhea hall will have a large general and weight training area, halls with mirrors, and halls for men’s and women’s gymnastics, track and field, judo and wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics and basketball.

“In addition, we have plans for a physical therapy, rehabilitation and recovery centre, a sports healthcare and testing station, and office space. The campus will accommodate sports research through cooperation between the sports healthcare station Helsingin Urheilulääkäriasema and universities,” says Simo Tarvonen, CEO of Urhea-halli Oy.

Hoas student housing to support everyday life combining studies and sports

The Hoas student-housing apartment building at the campus will be the first student housing complex meant for athletes in Helsinki. The housing solutions seek to support residents’ everyday life and communal living. The housing complex was designed with attention to the age of residents and the fact that many residents come from other parts of Finland. There are considerably more shared spaces than in regular Hoas student housing buildings.

“It’s highly challenging to combine competitive sports and studies. A close proximity of housing to training and learning facilities creates the best conditions for efficient use of time,” says Hoas CEO Matti Tarhoin. He continues, “Hoas wants to create conditions and a better foundation for competitive sports in Finland together with the Sports Academy and the City of Helsinki.”

Upper secondary school building with modern facilities

The Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School building will be renovated and expanded to produce modern and adaptable learning facilities. The building will provide students with a motivating and enjoyable learning environment. Building technologies will also be upgraded.

The school will expand from the current 850 students to 1,000 students. In addition to the Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, the building also accommodates a night upper secondary school and a unit of Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College.

The Mäkelänrinne school building is a centre of recreational activities, which is in active use from morning to night. The expansion was designed with regard to recreational users as well.

Construction work
started in May 2019 with alterations to connections between buildings in the maintenance yard and continued in June with the demolishing of the school building’s kitchen wing. The housing apartment building will be started in the summer and the sports hall in September. The building complex is scheduled for completion in spring 2021.

The sports hall is implemented by Urhea-halli Oy, the apartment building by the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) and the renovation and expansion of the school building by the City of Helsinki.

Mäkelänrinne students also train at the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre. A proposal for an alteration to the detailed plan enabling an expansion of the Swimming Centre will be next considered by the Helsinki City Board.


avainnekuva rakennuksesta

 Renderings above: (Top) the campus seen from Mäkelänkatu and the Hoas student housing building. The Urhea hall will also have underground sports facilities, extending under the hall and a parking lot. The Urhea hall can later be expanded on the parking lot. (Bottom) the façade design gives a special character to the 8–11-storey apartment building situated on a slope. The outcome may differ from the rendering. Tuomo Siitonen Architects