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Photo: Helsinki Region Envinronmental Services.

Collection vehicles accept hazardous waste, scrap metal and electrical appliances

Waste collection vehicles of Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) will begin their annual spring tour on Monday, 3 April. The vehicles accept hazardous waste, scrap metal and electrical appliances from homes free of charge. The vehicles will xsmake stops at nearly 300 locations throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area. They will tour Helsinki from 3 April to 29 May.

Hazardous waste includes energy-saving light bulbs, fluorescent lights, wet paints, solvents, pesticides and washing and cleaning detergents. The touring waste collection vehicles also accept medication; otherwise discarded medication must be taken to a pharmacy.

The vehicles accept household electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, electric stoves, washing machines, telephones and toasters. One person can bring to a vehicle no more than three devices of the same type at a time.

The vehicles also accept single household metal objects, such as bicycles, wood-burning sauna heaters, hot water tanks, frying pans, and pots and pans. However, large amounts of scrap metal must be taken to an HSY Sortti station. Sortti stations accept scrap metal free of charge.

The touring waste collection vehicles do not accept car tyres, pressure treated wood, asbestos, hazardous waste from businesses and explosives such as fireworks supplies and emergency flares.

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