Snow covered Esplanade park. Photo: Mika Lappalainen.

Things to do for the winter holidays

Ready, set, go! Come along and join the funniest expedition of the winter holidays!

Hop on the old carriage or steer a ship into an 18th century adventure at the City Museum's Children's Town. In the theatre, you can fool around with the puppets or the funny role costumes. Subsequently, enter the Sederholm shop, change roles and start playing a merry shopping game. For the youngest museum visitors, there is a special maritime play, reading and rest corner. In the crystal room, you can have your own packed meal. There is also a baby care room in the premises.

Get to know the musk ox couple and the poison dart frog on your winter holiday

On Korkeasaari, you can observe what the animals do to keep themselves busy in the winter, or just enjoy staying outdoors. On weekdays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., playground instructors organise activities that everybody can join. The zoo is open longer than usual, i.e. 10 a.m.–6 p.m. on 16–24 February.

Under supervision of the guides, you can follow the feeding of the animals daily. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to hear what's up with the animals and how their own kind cope in the wild. 

The National Museum of Finland features the Vikings

The National Museum of Finland features the Vikings during the winter holiday week. Viking-era swords are exhibited in the central hall, and in the workshop, you can make Viking-style handicrafts. The theme of the guided tours is life in Iron Age Finland.

Quite a murky winter holiday's adventure at the Finnish Museum of Natural History

The lights are turned off for the schools' winter holiday at the Museum of Natural History. What follows is a most murky adventure into Finnish nature. Will you be able to find the owls that hunt their prey at dusk? What does at bear look like in the torch's beam? Bring your own torch and experience the Finnish nature exhibition in dark colours during week 8 (Tue. 19–Sat. 23 February) and week 9 (Tue. 26 February–Sat. 2 March 2019).

Lightsabre workshop at the Museum of Technology

During the winter holiday week on 19–24 February, you can build your own lightsabre in the Museum of Technology workshop. The workshop is suitable for at least 7-year-olds, including their parents. Adults, too, are welcome to do some tinkering. The entrance fee for the workshop is 7 euros, which you pay at the museum's ticket office before entering the workshop.

The Museum of Technology

Tips on places to go and things to do

Skating, skiing and outdoor exercises

Schools in Helsinki go on winter holiday on 18–22 February.

The Paloheinä high jinks, precision throwing of snowballs, films, a YouTube workshop, theatre, urban exploration, the competition for the city's best snowman, and more. The Culture and Leisure Division offers fun and relaxed activities for the winter holidays. Have a look at the diverse offerings! The most nimble sports day event of the winter holidays at Töölö Sports Hall and Liikuntamylly, suspense and brinkmanship at the water sports track Wibit Aquatrack. Jumping, bouncing and ball games are a must during EasySport week!

Here are some picks:

Family day event in the Children's Traffic City – Driving pedal cars in crisp cold weather

Driving pedal cars and outdoor recreation in Helsinki centre. Fun and briskness for the whole family! 18 February 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Månsembly Winter

Månsembly Winter 20–22 February. The event at Maunula House centres on gaming during the winter holiday week. Various theme games and free gaming. Tournaments! Console games! Board games! Fortnite! Super Smash Bros! Escape room! The overnight LAN party is where Månsembly culminates. Advance registration is required.

Cherish the animals at Fallkulla

Tasks are assigned to the participants, and you can, among other things, clean the pens and tend to the animals, and meet like-minded friends. The Fallkulla winter holiday activities are intended for 9–17-year-olds.
18–23 February Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm

Come and enjoy the playgrounds during the winter holiday

The playgrounds mark the schoolchildren's winter holiday week on 18–22 February. Come yourself, bring your mate and have fun in the playground.

The daily programme in the playgrounds include outdoor activities, exercises, playing and games. In addition, some playgrounds organise day camps and trips to many parts of the city for the schoolchildren. The playgrounds stay open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The programme is free of charge.

Winter holiday adventure in five languages at the Theatre Museum

As usual, the Theatre Museum features Private Detective Agency Cat&Cat and some complicated mystery plot daily at 12 a.m.–3 p.m. on 19–22 February. You can join when it suits you, however no later than 2:30 p.m. The museum charges an entrance fee. Advance booking is not required.

MyHelsinki hints: Fun activities for kids, young people and families during winter holiday week

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