Bridge being constructed at Mätäjoki.

The first year of Jokeri Light Rail construction is completed

The construction of the Jokeri Light Rail line – Raide-Jokeri – was commenced at 13 sites a year ago on 3 June 2019. So now 12 months of construction are behind us, and one-fifth of the work has been completed. To date, 21 percent of the light rail line has been built. Approximately 28 percent of the total project cost has been invoiced, including the planning stage begun in the autumn of 2017. 

The construction sites have expanded and now extend over 19 kilometres. Construction and planning have proceeded rapidly and were not slowed even during the exceptional spring season. At the same time, planners are busy at work with site services, as plans are still in the making for construction sites to be started later. 

“When any unexpected circumstance comes up at a work site, or some plan has to be fixed, planners go to work on alternative solutions, making drawings on those solutions. This makes the work of planners both exciting and challenging,” says planning manager Jyrki Oinaanoja

A total of 2,770 plans were approved during the first year of construction. 

Earthworks have been carried out since last summer. Track building got underway in the spring. Tracks are already visible on several roads: Maarintie, Linnoitustie, Ravitie and Pirkkolantie. More than 500 metres of double tracks had been laid by the beginning of June, and the goal for 2020 is 8 kilometres of double tracks in place. 

“The moment when earthworks reach the point at which track construction can begin is an important interim goal and a milestone for us. It means that we’re on schedule,” says project manager Ari Bergström.  

Specialized builders have been busy at work with Jokeri Light Rail bridges, retaining walls, pile-slab structures and other special structures. The first Jokeri bridges will be completed during the summer of 2020. Several retaining walls and special structures are under construction, including a concrete tunnel at the Huopalahti station, a ground water basin and a viaduct at Varikkotie, and a deck at Sello in Espoo. 

By now, 15 metres of the excavation of the Patterimäki light rail tunnel has been completed. Rock excavation was begun in April 2020 and is scheduled for completion by the end of this year. 

A total of 2,887 persons have been trained and acquainted with our construction sites, to make construction possible. 

The past year was eventful due to circumstances related to the natural environment. The Siberian flying squirrels of Patterimäki will remain in the history of the project, and so will a removal of mussels, a trout brook project, and many other things done by the builders for the benefit of the environment. 

“The Jokeri Light Rail construction impacts the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, we get some negative feedback, but mostly people are favorable towards the construction. We want to earn everybody’s trust, and we want to carry out the construction work well and on schedule and to handle communication in a timely manner,” says the client’s project manager Juha Saarikoski

“The summers of the next few years will be filled with work for the builders of the Jokeri Light Rail line. The total volume of construction will triple this summer compared to last summer,” Ari Bergström says. 

The construction of the Jokeri Light Rail line will continue through 2023. After finalization work and test runs, the Jokeri Light Rail system is expected to carry the first passengers in June 2024.   

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Photo: Raide-Jokeri.