Thank you for sorting your waste.

Thank you for sorting your waste – a video guide in five languages shows where to place your waste

A new video on waste sorting, entitled “Thank you for sorting your waste”, is primarily targeted at newcomers to Finland and residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area learning about waste sorting. But the video also serves as a useful reminder of the rules of waste sorting to all others. 

The video is an easily understood information package, in which video, audio and subtitles support each other. The video shows where waste is produced in households and the correct treatment of waste: for example, it shows what types of waste are produced in the kitchen and in what container each type of waste belongs. “Thank you for sorting your waste” illustrates how correctly sorted and recycled waste is turned into new products.

The video was produced by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY and the Helsinki rental housing company Heka.  

The goal of the producers was to ensure that waste finds its right place and that people pay more attention to waste sorting. Waste sorting affects living comfort and the cost of housing, but above all correct sorting protects the environment.   

The video is available in five language versions: Finnish, English, Arabic, Russian and Somali.  

“The waste sorting stations of Heka apartment buildings have containers for different types of waste: mixed waste, biowaste, cardboard, paper, glass and small metal items. In addition, almost all Heka properties have a container for plastic packaging materials. The containers for the different types of waste are distinguished by signs and identifying colours,” says Heka’s environmental expert Marika Nyyssönen

“The video was planned in cooperation with foreign-born residents in order that it would resonate with the target groups and be easily understood by them,” says HSY team leader Leena Mikkonen-Young

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