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Switch to summer timetables on 7 June – Changes to bus, tram and train services

HSL public transport services will switch to summer timetables on Monday 7 June. There will be changes to bus routes, tram diversions and major track work on the main line over the summer. In addition, bridge work in Herttoniemi will cause changes to metro services 17–25 July.

The summer timetables will run from 7 June to 15 August (with a few exceptions). Also U line buses will switch to summer timetables on 7 June.

The summer timetables for buses, trams, commuter trains and the metro are already available on the Journey Planner. Remember to enter a search date after 7 June. Printable timetables are also available: Summer timetables in PDF format

Changes to bus services

There will be changes to bus routes operating along Laajasalontie from Tuesday 1 June. The Reposalmentie Bridge in Yliskylä will be demolished and the intersection of Laajasalontie and Reposalmentie will be converted into an at-grade intersection. 
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Bus route 17

Bus route 17, Kallio–Kruununhaka–Munkkisaari, will be withdrawn at the start of summer service, 7 June. The route is withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. 

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Bus routes 55 and 502

Buses 55 and 502 will not be able to run to their current terminus in Merihaka due to construction of the Crown Bridges. The new terminus of bus 502, Leppävaara–Merihaka, is next to the Kallio Library. 

Bus 55, Railway Square–Koskela, will be rerouted to run directly along Sörnäisten rantatie due to construction. 

Service update: Bus 55 to be rerouted in Merihaka from 7 June

Service update: Terminus of bus route 502 to move to Karhupuisto

Changes to the routes and operating hours of neighborhood routes in East Helsinki

There will be route changes to neighborhood bus services in East Helsinki. In addition, the operating hours of the services will be reduced. The changes will especially affect routes serving Myllypuro and Kontula as well as routes serving Vuosaari. 

Neighborhood route 811, Mellunmäki–Kivikko, to be withdrawn from 7 June The route has complemented other public transport and alternative service is provided by routes 57, 94A and 812. 

In Vuosaari, there will be changes to the routes of buses 813, 814 ja 816 and 817, and route 819 will be withdrawn. Terminus of bus route 813 will move from Pohjoinen ostoskeskus to Merikorttikuja. 

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Changes to tram services from 7 June

All tram timetables will change on 7 June. Street works on Helsinginkatu will continue to affect tram routes in the summer.

Read more: Tram routes 1, 3, 8 and 9 to be diverted in Kallio, Alppila and Töölö from 17 May

Changes to tram route 2 from 7 June to 11 July

Tram route 2 will be diverted from 7 June due to track works for the Ilmala tramway in Länsi-Pasila. Tram 2 will run from the Opera via Helsinginkatu and Sturenkatu to St. Paul’s Church (Paavalinkirkko) from 7 June. Replacement bus 2X will run between Lasipalatsi and Pasila. 

Next changes to take effect on 12 July

The next major changes to tram routes and timetables will take effect on 12 July when the street works move to the next phase. The need for services on tram route 5, i.e. the peak-time tram route serving the Katajanokka Terminal, will be reviewed should there be changes to the operation of passenger ferries.

Changes to commuter train services from 7 June

Commuter trains will start summer service on 7 June. At the same time, there will be service changes to the main line commuter trains. Bridge work in Pukinmäki and replacement of interlocking in Kerava will affect commuter train services until 29 August. The works will take place over several phases and there will be changes to the operation of commuter trains and departure platforms at stations. 

From Monday 7 June, northbound commuter trains will run through Pukinmäki station without stopping. At night, also northbound trains will stop at Pukinmäki station as usual.

K trains will only run between Tikkurila and Kerava on weekdays between 6am and 7pm from 7 June to 29 August. In other words, K trains will run to/from Helsinki early in the morning, in the evening and at weekends. 

In addition, 21 June–6 July and 16–22, July Z trains will only run between Lahti and Haarajoki. Replacement bus 797X will run between Haarajoki and Kerava, from where passengers can continue by R and K trains (to intermediate stations). 

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Changes to metro services from 7 June and later in the summer

The metro will switch to summer timetables on 7 June and operate a reduced service. The metro will run on the Vuosaari, Mellunkylä and Matinkylä-Tapiola sections every 7.5 minutes and on the shared section of the lines every 4 minutes in the morning and afternoon.

The Kipparlahti Bridge will be demolished over the summer and replaced by a new bridge deck. Due to the bridge work, there will be no metro service between Itäkeskus and Sörnäinen 17–25 July. In other words, the metro will only run between Matinkylä and Kulosaari. The metro stations in East Helsinki will be served by replacement buses from the city center.

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Photo: Antti Pulkkinen / City of Helsinki