Sidewalk gardens of summer 2018 in Hakaniemi feature flowers of strong colours. Photo: Maikki Käyhkö

Summer gardens to delight city through September

The summery image of Helsinki created by sidewalk, plaza and park gardens can be enjoyed by citizens and visitors for a few more weeks. The City of Helsinki Garden Service will switch to the autumn mode with new plants at 30 locations in early October. 

This summer’s gardens have flourished thanks to the warm and dry weather, regular watering and fertilizers. 

“The summer’s sidewalks, plazas and parks have seen strong colours in flowers and leaves, as a contrast to last year’s overall look of blue and white,” says garden planner Kirsti Oksanen of Garden Service, which is a unit of the City of Helsinki in-house construction and maintenance services provider Stara. 

In order to protect bees and other pollinators, Garden Service planted new species that attract pollinators. At some locations and with great care, the service’s gardeners experimented with somewhat wilder and freer, field-like plant combinations, which differed from traditional plant arrangements. They did so, for example, at the Vauhtitie road, which is flanked by Helsinki city-centre parks, gardens and green areas. 

As in recent years, autumn gardens in the city will see common heather, beauty-heads, ivy and sprigs. Stara Garden Service’s City Garden will provide approximately 10,000 seedlings for the autumn gardens. 

An old-style tapestry garden at Annala Villa. The garden was designed by Kirsti Oksanen. Photo: Kari Österberg

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