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Street cleaning has started. Photo: Public Works Departmen.

Check street cleaning timetables and remove your car

The City of Helsinki Public Works Department publishes a street maintenance timetable on the department Web site and sends street maintenance information as text messages to subscribers of the department’s SMS service.  

Street cleaning proceeds smoothly when car owners remove their cars. In addition to the Web page on street maintenance and text messages, street cleaning is announced with signs posted on streets.

The total length of roadways to be cleaned in Helsinki is 2,000 kilometres and the work continues to May. The exact maintenance timetables are dictated by weather. The grit removed from roads and streets is used in construction.

Properties in the inner city can sweep the grit to the edge of streets – but not onto tram tracks – and the City removes it as the streets are cleaned. No grit shall be swept onto a cleaned street.

The following services are in Finnish:

Street maintenance timetable

Street maintenance text message service

Helsinki fights street dust and cleans streets

The City of Helsinki uses a calcium chloride solution to water street surfaces in the springtime efforts to control street dust. The solution binds dust effectively as it keeps dust moist for a lengthy period of time. The solution can also be used in sub-zero temperatures.

The maintenance of sidewalks and streets in the inner city is the responsibility of properties. The City urges properties to remove grit from the sidewalks and to wash the sidewalks with water. Grit has to be removed wet. Blowers must never be used, because they release high amounts of dust into air. Sidewalks should be washed daily especially on busy streets during dry weather and for as long as street dust occurs.

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