Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori and Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov . Photo: Tuukka Jaromaa.

Leaders of St. Petersburg and Helsinki want to deepen the co-operations between the Cities

The co-operations between the Cities in questions related to the Baltic Sea became an important talking point at the meeting between Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov and Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori on Tuesday 3 December 2019.

Other environmental co-operations are also important to the Cities. Beglov and Vapaavuori stated at their first meeting in Helsinki that there is good potential for co-operations between the Cities in the fields of culture, education, city planning and innovation and startup ecosystems as well. Electronic visa for Finnish tourists, Finland’s excellent reputation in Northwest Russia and the Euro 2020 football tournament next summer create new opportunities in the tourism co-operations between the Cities.

“The importance of the cities is constantly growing, as is the relevance of international co-operation between the cities. We strive to achieve concrete results with St. Petersburg especially in solving challenges related to the environment. For example, improving the situation of the Baltic Sea is a joint task for all cities in the area”, says Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori.

The leaders of Helsinki and St. Petersburg have had regular meetings since 1993. Back then, the cities signed their first co-operation agreement. Within the limits of the agreement, the cities have regularly prepared action plans that guide the co-operations.

Alexander Beglov officially took office as the Governor of St. Petersburg after the local and gubernatorial election in September. Before that, he had served as the Acting Governor since autumn 2018.