The Suvilahti solar panels / Photo: Helen

Solar panels now available to rent on Messukeskus roof

Messukeskus is having 1,589 solar panels installed on the roof of its property, and they will annually produce about 445 MWh in energy. A designated panel is an effortless way of becoming a solar energy producer: by renting a solar panel anyone can use renewable solar energy without having to have panels on one's own roof.

The Messukeskus solar panels are sold as designated panels for a monthly charge of EUR 4.40. The electricity generated by the customer's designated panel is credited in the electricity bill. The panel may be integrated in any Helen electricity contract, which may include one or more designated panels. The output of a single panel is 315 watts. The billing will commence when the panels are in production in August-September.

Increase in share of solar energy continues

Helen has worked consistently to increase renewable solar power in Finland. The Suvilahti solar plant, built by Helen in winter 2015, was Finland's largest on completion, and the rentable solar panels installed on its roof sold out in no time. The solar plant built on the roof of the Kivikko Ski Hall in 2016 was more than twice the size of the Suvilahti plant. Helen's solar plants exceed the incredible limit of two megawatts, reaching the top end also on the Nordic scale.

When the Messukeskus solar plant is completed, it will increase the solar electricity capacity connected to the Helsinki network by 11%. The volume of solar electricity is constantly growing in Helsinki: production has already doubled in two consecutive years. In January 2019, 6,075 kWp of solar power output was installed in Helsinki, with solar power producers already numbering 300.

"There is a clear demand for solar power. Under the designated panel scheme anyone can easily become a solar power producer without initial outlay. We are continuing to invest in solar energy in line with demand," says Riku Kuikka, Product Group Manager from Helen.

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