Quick feedback reveals what residents are missing on the City website

The City of Helsinki has started using a quick feedback function on their website hel.fi. Through the feedback function, you can let the City know whether you found what you were looking for on the site. If you do not find the information, you can let the City know what information you are missing. You can find the quick feedback buttons below the text on the hel.fi website.

The feedback is collected specifically in order to develop the website. The quick feedback buttons cannot be used for requesting advice on specific problems. No information about the feedback sender is collected and, therefore, the City cannot respond to the feedback. Please use the more comprehensive feedback form if you wish to get an answer from the City.

We want to develop hel.fi in a customer-oriented way, Communications Manager and Head of Content Creation Jani Merimaa emphasises.

- We are improving our content based on the user feedback. We are using data analytics to find out which content is of interest to our users and which is not. The most popular content is put on the forefront, says Merimaa.

Solving problems with Helsinki-based start-up

The technical implementation is done by the Helsinki-based start-up React & Share. The City of Helsinki is testing a new method for collecting information in a year-long trial.

– With our tools, the City of Helsinki can clarify how the website content serves the readers. We are very happy that the City of Helsinki has decided to use our tools, comments Timo Virtanen, founder of React & Share.

– The objective with our tool is to help the Communications and Administration functions understand the end user. For our part, we are helping the City of Helsinki measure the functionality of the website content – which directly corresponds with the City strategy’s objectives of making Helsinki the most functional City in the world.

At the present moment, quick feedback can be given on the content pages of the main website hel.fi. The buttons are thus not in use on the news pages, decision documents or the City’s various separate pages.