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Public transport services switch to autumn timetables on 12 August

Helsinki region public transport will switch to winter timetables on 12 August. There will be many changes to services in the HSL area.

Changes to bus services from 12 August

The new bus network will be introduced in North Espoo and Leppävaara and in Kerava and Tuusula, on 12 August 2019.

HSL’s trunk route network will expand with two new bus routes when route 58 is converted into trunk route 500 and route 551 into trunk route 510 from 12 August. The timetables and routes of the buses will not change but the number of stops served will decrease to speed up journey times.

Neighborhood route 802 rerouted in Laajasalo from 12 August
Neighborhood route 702 rerouted in Pukinmäki and Tapaninvainio from 12 August
Trunk route 550 as well as 41 ja 552 to be diverted in Huopalahti from 12 August
Trunk route 550 diverted in Viikinmäki from 12 August

Changes to tram services

Tram routes 2 and 7 will again serve Länsi-Pasila from 12 August when the track work for the Pasila station public transport terminal are completed. At the same time, the route of tram 7 will change.

Tram terminatin in Kolmikulma 1 July - 29 September.

Changes to train services

Platforms renumbered at Pasila from 12 August.

From 12 August, K trains will stop at all intermediate stations. In others, the trains will start stopping at Käpylä, Pukinmäki and Tapanila. At the same time, N trains will be withdrawn and replaced by K trains. After this, all main line trains, I, P, K and T, will stop at all intermediate stations. From 12 August, Y trains will stop at Kauklahti.

Changes to commuter train services from 12 August

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