Anti-slipping campaign / Photo: Nina Mönkkönen, the Finnish Road Safety Council

Prepare for slippery conditions

The ongoing ‘Pysy pystyssä’ anti-slipping campaign is here to remind us that by paying attention to the right footwear and focusing on walking, everyone can prevent slipping and falling. You should be aware of possibly slippery conditions and choose appropriate footwear before you go out.

According to a new survey by the Finnish Road Safety Council, up to 40 per cent of Finns say they have experienced a hazardous situation in traffic during the past year due to wearing shoes that are too slippery for the prevailing weather conditions.

The daily commute is usually the most hazardous time in terms of accidents. You should remember that slippery conditions affect us all, regardless of the way we travel – and regardless of our age.  Most injuries caused by slipping and falling happen to working-age people. However, the injuries caused by slipping and falling tend to be more severe in the elderly compared to younger people.

Your brain can’t multitask – focus on walking

When it is slippery outside, you should focus on walking. Walking on frozen surfaces and staying upright requires focus and an awareness of your surroundings so that you are able to notice areas that lack gritting sand or are uneven or otherwise slippery in time. You should wait to look at your phone when you get to your destination, not on the way.

Prepare for slippery conditions:

– Pay attention to the choice of footwear – good shoes for slippery conditions have low, wide heels and an outsole made of soft material with good traction.
– Focus on walking. If you are paying attention to your mobile phone instead of walking, you can be taken by surprise by the slippery conditions.
– Be prepared. When you are alert, you are better equipped to avoid slippery areas.
– Use anti-slip guards – anti-slip guards attached to the shoes or permanent studs fixed to the shoes provide good traction.
– Check for warnings. You can check the pedestrian weather warnings on the Finnish Meteorological Institute website.
– Provide feedback on the maintenance of courtyards and passageways. Spreading gritting sand and clearing away snow helps others stay upright, as well.
– Maintain good physical health. Being in control of your own body and being in good physical condition help you to remain upright.
– Be aware of the fact that alcohol in your bloodstream elevates the risk of slipping and falling.

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