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Major disruptions to bus services on 25 November - AKT sympathy strike goes ahead

November 25th: Major disruptions to bus services on 25 November - AKT sympathy strike goes ahead

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The Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced a sympathy strike in support of the ongoing national postal workers’ strike. The strike would begin at 3am on Monday 25 November and end at 3am on Tuesday 26 November. If the strike goes ahead, it will cause significant disruptions to bus services in the HSL area. Information about how many bus drivers will be working and which routes might be operating will not be available until the strike begins.

According to current information, commuter trains, the metro, trams and the Suomenlinna ferry will run as usual. If the strike goes ahead, passengers are advised to use rail services instead of buses where possible and to allow extra time for their journeys. Rail services may be more congested than usual on Monday.

The strike would affect bus services procured by HSL, which means that, according to current information, it would not affect U-line buses. U-line buses are bus services whose routes extend to outside the HSL area. The buses have U signs on the front. More information about  U-line buses is available here.

If possible, telecommuting is a good option on Monday. As there will probably be more cars and taxis on the streets than usual, people are advised to avoid driving in Helsinki city center.

Use the HSL Journey Planner to plan your journey. When you untick the bus option in the settings, the planner will only suggest rail connections. You can also use the planner to find out if there are buses operating on a given route. (Link: How to use the Journey Planner when there is a strike)

Ticket inspectors and VR’s conductors will be assisting passengers at major bus terminals on Monday morning. We advise passengers to follow our website for more information.

Major disruptions to bus services on 25 November if AKT sympathy strike goes ahead (Helsinki Region Transport)

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