The services of the second floor café-restaurants will be targeted based on the needs of passengers passing through the terminal. Picture: Design Agency KOKO3

Port of Helsinki renews Katajanokka ship terminal and develops passenger experience

The vision of the Port of Helsinki is to become the world’s most functional port and to better meet the wishes of its passengers. As part of the Port’s investment program the Katajanokka terminal is to be renewed first. The terminal’s services, look and feel, guidance and waiting area comfort will be modernized.

The renovations will be started in early September and they will be completed in phases during 2020.

The terminal’s second floor will be renovated first, and the entrance floor’s renewal will start in January 2020. The goal is to finish the second floor by mid-February 2020 and the first floor by the end of 2020.

The shipping terminal will continue to serve the Viking Line passengers during the entire renewal. To maintain smooth travelling, the work will be carried out in phases and special attention will be paid to functionality.

Port of Helsinki has studied passenger needs and the functionality of the ship terminals. The passengers and the residents of Katajanokka expect kiosk, restaurant and café services. One of the goals of the renovation  is to take the residents of area into account and make their everyday life easier.

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