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Playground Loru to operate with Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Supervised public playground activities in Helsinki go back 104 years, and today’s network of 66 public playgrounds in the city are an important part of Helsinki and the city’s urban culture. The visibility of children’s culture in the city centre will increase significantly with Playground Loru, a new downtown public playground that will open and be run in conjunction with Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

Tiina Mesiniemi, the leading public playground supervisor for the city centre area (Kampinmalmi–Lauttasaari–Töölö), welcomes families with small children to Loru from its opening day, 5 December 2018.

“Playground Loru will be a meeting place for the residents of the Helsinki city centre area and families visiting the centre,” Mesiniemi says. “Loru will help young families to find the public playgrounds of their local areas and, through playgrounds, the rich recreational offerings of playgrounds to families. Thus we help to build an increasingly functional city.”

Playground Loru will introduce Helsinki visitors to an open city that encourages people of different ages to meet each other and to be active in their everyday lives. The entire city is an environment for learning, in which all actors build culture and promote children’s citizen rights.

At Playground Loru (the Finnish for rhyme), tales and rhymes encourage people of all ages to join supervised games and to enter the world of fairytale.

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