Passenger numbers are limited on public transport – effects on HSL transport services

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has issued a decision limiting the maximum permitted number of passengers to 50 per cent of the normal maximum capacity in the region of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS). The restriction will take effect on Saturday 27 March and remain in force until 25 April.

The restriction will apply to all HSL transport services, excluding passengers born in or after 2008 on weekday services. If students in grades 7–9 return to in-person learning, this exception is extended to passengers born in or after 2005 on weekday services.

The restriction will not have a substantial impact on HSL’s services. At the moment, the occupancy rate on public transport is on average less than 20 per cent of the maximum capacity and on the vast majority of services, the occupancy rate is clearly under the 50 percent limit. For example, on the metro, the highest occupancy rate measured this week has been about 28 per cent.

However, HSL cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient capacity on all individual services. In these situations, HSL advises passengers to wait for the next service or to use an alternative route or mode of transport where possible.

HSL encourages passengers to avoid non-essential travel during the busiest times. If you can, please travel at quiet times. Currently, the busiest times on weekdays are approximately between 3pm and 6pm and between 7am and 9am in the morning peak.

HSL will be closely monitoring the impacts of the restriction on our services. 

The maximum occupancy rates on HSL’s vehicles permitted by law

The maximum capacity of vehicles consists of seating and standing capacities. Consequently, for example, a bus is 50 per cent full when the number of passengers equals the number of seats.

Below you can see a list of what is the maximum number of passengers allowed on different vehicles when the maximum capacity is capped at 50 per cent.

  • Metro train: about 350 passengers
  • Commuter train, one unit: about 300 passengers
  • Artic tram: about 100 passengers
  • Articulated tram: about 80 passengers
  • Bus, 3 axles: about 60 passengers
  • Bus, a larger 2-axle bus: about 45 passengers
  • Bus, a smaller 2-axle bus: about 40 passengers
  • Neighborhood bus (minibus): 10 passengers

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Photo: Tuukka Jaromaa