New eye hospital to be built by HUS in Meilahti

HUS Helsinki University Hospital has completed a project plan for the construction and development of a new eye hospital on the street of Zaidankatu in the HUS Meilahti campus in Helsinki. 

According to the project plan, the majority of the hospital operations will consist of appointment-based clinic operations. In addition, there will be an operating unit that will have 15 operating theatres with total capacity for 18,500 operations annually. The hospital will have a 12-bed inpatient ward. Total floor area including an instruments and equipment maintenance centre and other support facilities will be approximately 20,000 square metres. There will be parking for 100 cars. The project cost estimate is 135 million euros. Construction is scheduled for 2021–2023. 

The HUS Executive Board approved the eye hospital project plan at its meeting of 6 May 2019. The final decision on the project will be made by the HUS Council. 

There are urgent needs for a new hospital for eye diseases, as demand for treatments is on a sharp increase. Furthermore, the current HUS units for eye diseases are dispersed and fail to meet operational needs. The numbers of eye patients and needs for care are affected by new eye disease treatments and the demographics of the region cared for by HUS. 

HUS Helsinki University Hospital