The interior of the former hospital property on Myllymatkantie 4 will be completely transformed. Photo: Heka.

Myllypuro hospital converted into homes for seniors, a service centre and day activities

The former Myllypuro hospital and service centre are undergoing a major renovation and transition. The interior of the property, located at Myllymatkantie 4, will be completely altered to offer homes for more than one hundred seniors. 

While the 7-floor building’s interior structures are being demolished, the slabs of new floors are being cast, steel components assembled and electrical installations started. The project is only in the early stage, but it is scheduled for completion in June 2021. 

“The project was started last spring to renovate and rebuild everything. The property will function far better for group home living than before,” says Timo Savolainen, the real estate manager for special housing at the Helsinki City housing company Heka. 

The renovated and rebuilt property will have assisted-living homes for 136 seniors on floors 3–7. The group homes can accommodate 12–13 residents each and have various shared spaces. Residents will be able to spend time on large glassed-in balconies. 

The first two floors of the main building will house a service centre, day activity areas and home care services. The building will also house rehabilitation and physical activity areas, as well as a cafeteria with kitchen that will also offer catering services for external customers. 

“The new service centre will serve everybody: other senior citizens and unemployed people in the area can eat here and participate in activities. However, the actual day activities will be for people with memory diseases selected by the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division,” Savolainen says. 

The main entrance will be placed in a separate, low building, which will house the lobby and offices. The passage to the living floors will be through a connecting corridor. 

A special emphasis has been placed on safety. Seniors will be offered carefree and safe housing and living. 

For example, the property will be equipped with a comprehensive fire suppression system. The homes will be equipped with diverse safety technologies, such as smart floors that detect falls and emergency call buttons. The entire property will be wheelchair accessible. 

The Helsinki City housing company Heka (Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy) has 43 special housing units in different parts of Helsinki with a total of 2,500 homes. The homes are leased to the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division. The Division rents these homes to residents with special needs, such as seniors, people with handicaps, and customers of substance-abuse and mental-disorder rehabilitation services. 

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