More Street Art for Your Hoods

Where would you like to see street art in Helsinki? Do you have a building or a place in mind that is especially in need of some color and cheering up? More Street Art In Helsinki is running a contest where three locations in Helsinki get the chance to win a street art face-lift, designed and executed by high-class street art professionals. The contest is running from 2nd of May until 6th of June, 2016

The artists working on the pieces will take the residents’ preferences and views into consideration. More Street Art In Helsinki will be responsible for covering the costs of the design and the execution of the three art pieces, as well as for applying for the necessary permits for the pieces from the city.

In this contest anyone is welcome to suggest a suitable place for street art in Helsinki: we are looking to hear suggestions from residents, neighborhood associations, public actors, real estate owners, organizations and other communities. From all of the competition entries, The More Street Art In Helsinki -team will pick three winning locations. The places will be chosen based on the area’s need and suitability for street art. Also the visibility and accessibility of the location are taken into consideration.

Take part in the contest by filling out the form by Monday 6th of June, 2016. The winners of the contest will be announced on 14th of June, 2016. The aim is to paint the street art pieces in the three chosen locations during August 2016.

More Street Art In Helsinki is a project that aims to enliven the city with street art and bring street art to places where it is most needed. Street art provides easy tools for creating lively, comfortable and attractive environments. Impressive murals have the potential to improve livability and safety of a neighborhood as well as to highlight aspects of its identity.

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