Metro in Vuosaari.

Metro services to East Helsinki to be replaced by buses 17–25 July

Metro services will be disrupted for over a week this summer, from 17 to 25 July. The metro will only run between Matinkylä and Kulosaari, i.e. there will be no metro services from Kulosaari eastwards. Metro stations in East Helsinki will be served by replacement buses 99B, 99V and 99M from the Railway Square (Rautatientori).

The disruption is due to the replacement of Kipparlahti metro bridge in Herttoniemi. The bridge completed in 1972 will be demolished and replaced by a new bridge.

During the service disruption, metro stations to the east of Herttoniemi will be closed. Bus terminals at metro stations will be open as usual.

Metro replacement buses from the Railway Square to East Helsinki

The replacement buses will take the fastest route to East Helsinki via Sörnäisten rantatie and Itäväylä.

We advise passengers to change from the metro to the replacement buses at the Railway Square, in Hakaniemi or in Kalasatama. The buses to East Helsinki will operate with the same operating hours as the metro. With the exception of early morning and late evening, the buses will run every 5 minutes.

The timetables and routes of the replacement buses will be available on the Journey Planner closer to the dates.

The buses have open fare collection, i.e. passengers can board the buses using the middle doors. If you have a valid ticket, you do not need to show it to the driver. Bicycles are not allowed on the replacement buses.

99B via Herttoniemi Metro Station to Itäkeskus
Rautatientori – Hakaniemi – Kalasatama – Herttoniemi (metro station) – Itäkeskus

99V to Vuosaari
Rautatientori – Hakaniemi – Kalasatama – Herttoniemi (Itäväylä) – Itäkeskus – Vuosaari

99M to Mellunmäki
Rautatientori – Hakaniemi – Kalasatama – Herttoniemi (Itäväylä) – Itäkeskus – Mellunmäki

Other bus services to East Helsinki

In addition to the replacement buses, there are also other alternatives. For example, trunk route buses run from Itäkeskus via Herttoniemi to Kalasatama and from Rastila via Vuosaari and Mellunmäki to Kontula. 

Trunk route 560 runs from Rastila via Vuosaari and Mellunmäki to Kontula and Malmi, from where you can continue to Helsinki city center by train. Please note, that there will also be service changes to commuter trains due to track work over the summer.

500 and 510
Trunk routes 500 and 510 run from Itäkeskus/Herttoniemi to Pasila station, from where you can continue to Helsinki city center by train. You can also get off at the Junatie stops located at the junction of Junatie and Aleksis Kiven katu, about 400 meters from the Sörnäinen Metro Station.

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Photo: Lauri Rotko