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Matinkylä metrostation Photo: HKL

Metro service to Matinkylä begun on Saturday 18 November

The Metro extension from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä opened to passenger service on Saturday 18 November 2017. Passenger service begun on Saturday morning 18 November. The extension comprises eight stations, each distinguished by original design by Finnish architects.

The Lauttasaari Metro station is marked by an artwork consisting of lights hanging from the ceiling. Lauttasaari and its sister station Koivusaari, both by Helin & Co Architects, are inspired by nature – by snow and ice in Lauttasaari, and by water and the sea in Koivusaari. The asymmetrical walls and ceiling of the Koivusaari station, which is under the sea, evoke an upturned boat and whales.

The total number of stations in the Helsinki metropolitan Metro system is now 25. The system runs on one 35-kilometer (22-mile) east-to-west line through Helsinki and halfway through southern Espoo. The first section of the system opened in 1982. The planning and construction of a further extension of the Metro is underway in Espoo.

Buy a mobile regional ticket for the price of an internal ticket. (The offer is valid from 18 November 4.30am to 3 December midnight.)

Two Metro lines

The Metro will operate on two lines: Matinkylä-Vuosaari and Tapiola-Mellunmäki. In the east, every other train goes to Vuosaari, every other to Mellunmäki as at present. In Espoo, every other train will turn around at Tapiola and every other will continue to Matinkylä.

On the shared section of line between Tapiola and Itäkeskus, the Metro will run every 2.5 minutes. During the daytime Monday through Friday as well as on Saturdays, trains will run approximately every four minutes. On Sundays and at other times, trains will run every five minutes on the shared section of line.

New bus routes for South Espoo and Lauttasaari from 3 January 2018

There will be no other changes to HSL public transport services next Saturday when Metro services to Matinkylä start operating. Buses in Lauttasaari and Espoo will continue to run as at present until 2 January 2018.

From 3 January 2018, buses running along Länsiväylä to Kamppi will be replaced by feeder services to Metro stations and completely new bus routes will be introduced in South Espoo. In Lauttasaari, all bus routes will either terminate at Lauttasaari Metro Station or run via the station. In addition, there will be changes to bus services in Lehtisaari, Kuusisaari and Kauniainen. From 3 January, regional buses from Kirkkonummi will terminate at Matinkylä bus terminal.

 -For about 1.5 months, the Metro and current bus routes will be operating to Matinkylä side by side. This gives passengers time to get used to the new transport link and allows us to ascertain its performance before introducing the new bus routes, says Suvi Rihtniemi.

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