A metro arriving to station.

Metro operation now shown in real time on ticket hall displays and online

Metro timetable displays at Metro station ticket halls now show Metro operation in real time. So far displays at ticket halls have displayed Metro train arrivals as stated on timetables, while displays at platforms have shown arrivals in real time. 

The reason for the disparity between the information displayed at platforms and at ticket halls is that the displays operate in different systems. The platform displays operate in the interlocking system of Helsinki City Transport (HKL) and receive real-time information on train movements through the interlocking device. Ticket hall displays are connected to the system of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). Now with a new interlocking device installed, the systems have been made compatible so that real-time display of train operation is possible throughout the Metro network.

Now real-time information on Metro train operation is also available in online services such as the HSL Journey Planner. The reform provides passengers with better opportunities to monitor the progress of their journeys. 

“This reform, requested by passengers, was implemented through cooperation between HKL and HSL. The reform was made technically feasible by the installment of our new digital interlocking device,” says HKL Project Manager Salar Mohammad

“The HKL-HSL cooperation has created a new interface to the interlocking device, and this interface brings the Metro traffic to real time in HSL services. In addition to Metro station displays, estimated Metro train arrivals are also available on the HSL Journey Planner, the HSL app and open interfaces,” says HSL Development Specialist Sami Räsänen

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is the Helsinki regional transport authority, which plans and organizes public transport services in the region comprising bus, tram, Metro, ferry and commuter train services. The Metro system – as well as other public transport services in Helsinki – is operated by Helsinki City Transport (HKL), which is a City of Helsinki municipal enterprise.