The refurbished interior of a Class M100 Metro train

Metro fleet modernisation improves passenger comfort

Helsinki City Transport HKL modernises and refurbishes all Class M100 and Class M200 Metro trains. The project has started with M100 trains. The first two trains have been completed, and they returned to service on 23 November 2020.

The Metro train modernisation and refurbishment improves passenger comfort: the interior of rail cars is refurbished, and rail cars are equipped with LED lights. Class M100 Metro trains will have more open space, which will make it easier to carry large items such as bicycles on the train. The passenger information system is upgraded, the frames of rail cars are recoated, and driver’s cabs are fully modernised including new driver’s desks. Improvements in driving ergonomics are based on Metro train drivers’ wishes and needs.

“The passenger car of M100 trains will have a more modern appearance owing to a new light colour. Passenger comfort will improve, for example, with a new open space behind the driver’s cab for bicycles. Customers have for long sent us feedback requesting electrical outlets, so we have added them to cars. Trains are repainted, and the components of engine control and doors are replaced in order that the current fleet can be in operation to the end of the design service life,” says project manager Keijo Lahti at HKL.

The project involves a total of 39 M100 Metro trains manufactured by Valmet/Strömberg in 1979–1984 and 12 M200 Metro trains manufactured by Bombardier in 2002–2001.

Metro trains taken to Pieksämäki for modernisation and refurbishment 

The Metro train modernisation and refurbishment project is carried out by the rolling stock maintenance and modernisation company VR FleetCare. Rail cars are recoated at VR FleetCare’s Pieksämäki machine shop, and other operations are carried out at the Ilmala Metro train depot in Helsinki. 

“We possess decades of experience in similar demanding rolling-stock modernisation and refurbishment projects. In addition, we possess excellent production facilities, which provide excellent working conditions for the project,” says Peter Guldbrand, VR FleetCare’s Vice President Sales. 

“At first, Metro rail cars were transferred to the shop by truck, but now they are transported by rail with a special permit. This eases the overall delivery and gives the general public an opportunity to watch Metro trains travel from Helsinki to Pieksämäki,” Guldbrand continues. 

First, all Class M100 Metro trains are modernised and refurbished, after which the project moves on to Class M200 trains. The last modernised and refurbished train will be delivered to HKL in 2023. 

HKL and VR FleetCare representatives talk about the project on a video (soundtrack and subtitles in Finnish)

Photo: HKL