Train and snow.

There are major disruptions to train services due a technical fault

There are major disruptions to train services. K trains are cancelled. I and P trains are running at irregular headways of up to over 20 minutes. There are also other disruptions and cancellations to services on the main line, the Rinal Rail Line and the coastal line to Leppävaara.

R and Z trains are replacing K train services

R and Z trains are stopping also at Savio, Korso, Rekola and Koivukylä because K trains are not running.

Target departure times of I and P trains from Helsinki

As far as possible, I trains depart from Helsiniki at 16, 36 and 56 minutes past the hour.

As far as possible, P trains depart from Helsinki at 18, 38 and 58 minutes past the hour.

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30.1. Train services are returning to normal on Saturday evening

Helsinki Region Transport

Services now 

Photo: Sofie Jokinen