The lending art collection’s operating base on Rikhardinkatu

Lending art collection serves artists and art lovers online

The lending art collection serves customers and delivers art safely to the homes of art lovers even in exceptional situations like the one we’re experiencing. The lending art collection website is open for customers to easily browse artworks. The website contains works of art by members of the Helsinki artists society. 

The physical space of the lending art collection remains closed at least until 13 May and according to official Covid-19 regulations.  

Artworks can be reserved on the lending art collections’ website (in Finnish) or by sending email to Artwork reservations can be extended and will stay valid until the lending art collection opens doors again. Loan and sales agreements are made by email and by invoicing. Artwork deliveries take place by mail or by another method of delivery to be determined case by case. 

What is the lending art collection? 

The lending art collection was founded in 1995 through cooperation of the Helsinki artists society and Helsinki City Library. The collection’s operating base is located at the celebrated Rikhardinkatu Library in the Helsinki city centre.  

The collection leases artworks created by the members of the Helsinki artists society, who comprise more than 700 accomplished visual artists. The collection comprises thousands of artworks – paintings, graphics, sculptures and photographs. 

Artwork lease agreements are made for the time being with monthly payments, but lease agreements can be terminated at any time by returning the work to the collection. Leases range from 20 to 500 euros depending on the price of the artwork. Artworks can be purchased with one-time payments or by monthly installments. Unframed graphics and drawings can only be leased for one month and should be purchased after the first month of lease. 

Artworks should be maintained in the same condition in which they are at the time of lending, and lenders are liable to compensate for any damage to artworks during leases. Customers can be private persons or organizations. 

The lending art collection also sells gift cards, which allow card recipients to either lease or buy the artwork of their liking. A gift card can be purchased for any sum, and it is valid for one year from the day of purchase.  

The Helsinki artists society (Helsingin Taiteilijaseura) was founded in 1967 to promote the interests of visual artists and to grow knowledge about visual arts through education and exhibitions. The society publishes a gallery guide twice a year.

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Photo: Lending art collection Helsinki