The façade of the Koskela Multi-service Centre

Koskela Hospital area redeveloped for housing – Multi-service Centre to stay open

SSA Group Oy begins the construction of new Hitas homes in the Koskela Hospital area in early September. Street construction and infrastructure development are also under way in the area.

The Koskela Multi-service Centre and other social and health care services in the area will continue to serve as normal despite the construction project. One of the services operating in the area is self-care supplies distribution.

Pedestrian routes in the area will stay unchanged for the time being, but as construction work proceeds, new routes will be built. There will be clear signs indicating new routes and to guide area users.

Parking and traffic

For the time being, customers can park on the short-term parking spaces located at the main gate on Käpyläntie. Parking spaces in front of the Multi-service Centre will also remain in use. Customers can no longer drive from Koskelantie to the hospital area.

Buses continue to serve the area as normal. However, construction sites may slow traffic on Koskelantie and other streets.

Residential construction

Residential construction in the Koskela Hospital area begins from Käpyläntie 11. The area, which is the former home of the famed hospital park, will have more than 1,500 new homes for 3,000 residents.

The first two multi-storey apartment buildings, with 66 Hitas homes, will be built by SSA Group Oy. The popularity of the area is evident by the fact that the homes about to go under construction have already been sold.

he area will have several housing types, including Hitas homes (that is, price-regulated owner-occupied homes), right-of-occupancy homes, rental homes, housing cooperative homes and senior homes. Some buildings will have street-level business space.

The new homes will be located at the edges of the Koskela Hospital area, encircling much of the old hospital park, which will be preserved. The old hospital buildings, protected in the area’s detailed plan, will be converted into homes later on, and one of the buildings to be renovated will house day care space. A new multi-service centre is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Large-scale residential construction requires new streets and infrastructure. Street construction and infrastructure development went under way in spring 2019. All construction work is planned and proceeds so that the Koskela Hospital area can remain in its normal, busy use, with only temporary disruption from construction.

Map of new parking spaces in the area

Texts on the map clockwise from the lower left-hand corner:

  • Construction begins in September 2019
  • Main entrance and passage to customer parking from Käpyläntie
  • Employee parking
  • Customer parking
  • Entrance on Koskelantie closed for vehicles, pedestrian passage only

Read more about street construction in the area here, about residential construction here (both pages in Finnish)